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Rose matcha Iced latte with honey

Rose matcha Iced latté met honing - Spoon Moment

Rose latte, what is it?

A rose latte is an infusion of rose water, rose petals and hibiscus leaves.

The slight rose flavor comes from the rose water and infusion of the rose petals; the pink color comes from the red hibiscus petals.

The ingredients

  • Hibiscus rose concentrate or pure rose water
  • Edible rose petals (Brings the drink to another level with the petals.)
  • Ice cubes (large and small)
  • Oat milk (1 cup)
  • 1 Matcha spoon from Spoon Moment
  • Hot water
  • Large and wide glass
  • Straw

How to make it

Mix the Matcha spoon with hot water in a large glass and let cool, then add the infusions. Whisk the oat milk and add it to the blend as well. After this add some cold ice cubes and voila! Top it off with the rose petals and lightly stir the drink. Enjoy.

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