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I'm going on holiday and I'm taking… Spoons! 🧳

Ik ga op vakantie en neem mee... Spoons! 🧳 - Spoon Moment

Are you also ready for a holiday? Whether you are going to the Costa del Sol, Bali or Playa Home Sweet Home this year... We have tips for you! ✈️

Let's be honest, who would want to get a (fake) matcha latte with a lot of sugar for €8 at Starbucks at Schiphol? Or only find a bag of Earl Gray tea in your hotel in the morning? Once you take our spoons with you on a trip, you will never want anything else. 🫖

Why the Spoon Moment spoons are perfect for travelling

Our spoons are not only lightweight and fit in any bag or suitcase, they also offer numerous benefits, especially when traveling. Here are the spoons you absolutely shouldn't miss:

Matcha Spoon : The Energy Boost ⚡️

Holidays are meant to relax and enjoy, but sometimes you just need that little bit of extra energy. The Matcha Spoon is perfect for those moments when you need a boost. After a pleasant evening with sangria and tapas, the Matcha Spoon ensures that you can start the day fresh and fruity.

Ginger Spoon : Goodbye Bloated Feeling 🤰🏼

Travel, changes in weather, food and sleep schedules can sometimes cause bloating and reduced bowel movements. The Ginger Spoon helps keep your digestion going and reduces bloating. This way you can fully enjoy all the goodies that your holiday destination has to offer.

Curcuma Spoon : The best tip against Mosquitoes 🦟

There is nothing more annoying than mosquito bites during your holiday. Fortunately, mosquitoes hate bitter tastes. The Curcuma Spoon can help give your body a bitter smell and taste, making you less attractive to mosquitoes. Curcuma is a bitter herb that mosquitoes cannot tolerate, so enjoy spooning it!

Chai Spoon : Immunity Boost and Cooling 🧊

Do you ever get sick on holiday? The Chai Spoon can help. Chai reduces inflammation and boosts your immunity. Additionally, the ingredients in the Chai Spoon can help cool your body. Drinking hot drinks in hot weather can cause your body temperature to drop. This way you stay healthy and cool during your trip.

How do you take your spoons with you?

It's very simple! The spoons are small and lightweight, making them easy to fit into your carry-on or suitcase. No hassle with large jars or heavy packaging. Just pack a few of your favorite spoons in your bag and you're ready to go. 🧳

Don't forget to bring your spoons and enjoy a carefree holiday full of energy and well-being. Say goodbye to expensive coffees and bad hotel tea, and hello to your favorite Spoon Moment!

And you know it… A Spoon a day, keeps the doctor away. 🥄✨

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