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It´s not just a spoon, feel the moment.

Turn every hot drink into a happy moment and add this to your daily routine! Our spoons are filled with pure Turkish pine honey and natural superfoods with antioxidants. Really unwind and work on a healthy lifestyle at the same time. Treat yourself to a Spoon Moment too!

You can use the Matcha Spoon, Ginger Spoon and Curcuma Spoon at any time of the day and create your own ritual.

Add this luxurious must-have to your morning ritual as a kickstart, start your working day at the office with a moment for yourself, give yourself an energy boost during lunch or end your busy day in peace with your self-care ritual in the evening.

Give yourself the self-care you deserve.

It's not just a spoon, feel the moment.

Our story, our ritual.

With our family business, we are all about making you healthier and more beautiful by sharing natural ingredients and superfoods. Spoon Moment offers you a moment for yourself, a ritual and an ultimate moment of self-care.

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Made in Turkey Dutch-based

100% natural ingredients

Bio-based material