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From Kick to Zen: Why tea will become your new healthy crush

Van Kick naar Zen: Waarom thee jouw nieuwe gezonde crush wordt - Spoon Moment

Are you an avid coffee drinker who could use a healthy switch? Then we have the solution for you! Meet Spoon Moment, the ultimate tea ritual that nourishes your body and mind. With our superfood teaspoons you can create a delicious and healthy tea in no time. So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out why it's time to trade the coffee break for a Spoon Moment!

We Dutch love coffee too much

And my mother always said: 'Anything TE stands for is not good for you', says Nicky Butter, founder of the Spoon Moment brand.

If there's one thing the Dutch love, it's coffee. Every day, no less than 33.5 million cups of coffee are drunk in our country. But let's face it, too much coffee can eventually negate its healthy effects. That is why it is high time for a switch to something new, something healthier. And that's exactly where Spoon Moment comes in.

So what makes Spoon Moment so special?

Imagine, a moment for yourself in which you consciously choose to nourish your body and mind. That's exactly what Spoon Moment offers. Spoon Moment was set up by the sisters Bo and Nicky Butter and their father Marcel, real coffee drinkers themselves who realized that it was time for a healthier drinking pattern. They searched for the perfect ingredients for an easy-to-make healthy tea, and Spoon Moment was born.

What makes Spoon Moment so special? It's all about the power and healthy properties of superfoods and honey. Instead of using artificial flavors like many tea bags do, Spoon Moment has blended the actual superfoods and honey in a spoon. Stir the bio-based teaspoon with pure Turkish pine honey and natural superfoods of your choice in a cup of hot water and voilà, you have a delicious tea in front of you!

What do those superfoods do?

Let's take a closer look at those superfoods . Turkish pine honey contains lower levels of glucose and fructose, but is packed with amino acids and minerals. Ginger supports the immune system, turmeric has an anti-inflammatory effect and matcha gives you an energy boost. With Spoon Moment you not only get a tasty tea, but also a true health-promoting experience.

A tea spoon vs. a tea bag

What really sets Spoon Moment apart is the ease with which you can enjoy a healthy cup of tea. No more hassle with pressing, mixing or preparing ingredients. Simply pull the lid off the spoon and stir the spoon into a cup of hot water until the contents are completely dissolved. Do you want an extra pampering moment? Then add warm milk for a delicious latte! Whether you want to start your working day fresh, need an energy boost during fatigue, or want to end a busy day in peace before going to sleep. With Spoon Moment you can really take that moment for yourself!

So what are you waiting for? You can order Spoon Moment from just €29.99 (30 spoons) via . Would you like to try it first? No problem! Then order a sample pack for only €2.99. Don't wait any longer, it's time to trade the coffee break for a Spoon Moment.

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