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Matcha Spoon


Give yourself the self-care you deserve with the Matcha Spoon. Really have a unique moment for yourself with this 'green gold'.

• Blended with 100% natural Turkish pine honey.
• Shade-grown Black Sea Matcha, hand-picked in our tea garden in Turkey.
• Contains only 22 calories per spoon.
• Improves your concentration and gives you more energy and mental peace.

Use the Matcha Spoon daily for more energy, better concentration and more mental peace. Our Matcha brings your body and mind back into balance and keeps your appearance fresh and youthful. The perfect combination!

The Matcha Spoon contains 1 gram of ceremonial Matcha powder and 7 grams of pine honey.

The familiar taste of green tea, balanced with subtly sweet undertones and a creamy aftertaste.

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The Matcha Spoon is made with 1 gram of ceremonial Matcha powder and 7 grams of Turkish Pine Honey. A cylinder contains 30 biobased single-serve spoons, enough for many luxurious self-care moments!

''The green gold''

Matcha, also known as the "green gold," is a powdered Japanese green tea. You may have to get used to it, but you'll probably be hooked immediately! Our Black Sea Matcha has high Chlorophyll and antioxidant value and is produced from fresh ground tea leaves collected by our farmers from tea gardens in Turkey. Only the very best and youngest leaves of the tea plant are suitable for Matcha. 

Shade-grown Matcha

Spoon Moment's Black Sea Matcha is still produced in the artisanal and labor-intensive way. Before the tea is harvested, the Camellia sinensis tea plants are covered. This allows them to grow in the shade for the last four weeks before harvest. This way, the amount of Chlorophyll in the leaves remains high. The Chlorophyll provides the beautiful green color and pure taste in the tea. 

The most effective energy source

Matcha is also considered nature's healthiest caffeine. So you can now replace your coffee addiction with Matcha. Get rid of all that caffeine in your daily ritual, but experience the energy and focus you need. This is nature's most effective energy source, without the addictive feelings and energy dips that you experience with coffee and energy drinks. Say hello to more energy and a healthy lifestyle with the Matcha Spoon!

Matcha vs. caffeinated drinks

Matcha Spoon

Premium Ceremonial Matcha with Honey

6 hours of energy - no crash
35mg caffeine - 1 gram per scoop
140 Antioxidants - Daily Super Protectors
Calming - Zen, focus and more clarity
Delicious in taste - healthier alternative

Coffee & Energy Drinks

Unhealthy Alternatives

1.5 hours of energy - afternoon crash
70-90mg caffeine - 1 espresso shot
Low in antioxidants - few benefits
Over-stimulation - Increases stress hormone (cortisol)
High in sugar - In energy drinks

An adult's caffeine intake should not exceed 400 mg per day. One 1g cup of matcha tea contains 35mg of caffeine.

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Bio-based material

Spoon is made of biobased material, aka sugar cane.

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