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Why matcha is the perfect substitute for coffee

Waarom matcha de perfecte vervanger is voor koffie - Spoon Moment

Are you also addicted to coffee? Don't feel completely awake without your daily cup? Then it's time to switch to Matcha! Matcha is a powdered Japanese green tea, also known as the 'green gold'. It has an earthy taste and a bright green color. Some people have to get used to it, others are immediately addicted to it!

Matcha is not cheap, but that is because only the very best and youngest leaves of the tea plant are suitable for Matcha, and production and processing require a lot of experience and patience. But trust us, it's well worth the money.

Why is matcha good for you?

It contains natural caffeine, but without the addictive feelings and energy dips that you experience with coffee and energy drinks. Matcha is also seen as nature's healthiest caffeine. And when compared to coffee, Matcha is nature's most effective energy source. Additionally, Matcha contains antioxidants that protect your body from free radicals and aging. So it is not only good for your energy and focus, but also for your overall health!

How do you use Spoon Moment's Matcha Spoon?

Stir the Matcha Spoon through 150-200 ml of hot water or a hot drink until the Matcha and 100% Turkish honey have dissolved. You can also use the Spoon for a cold Matcha Latte, by first diluting the Spoon with hot water and then adding cold milk and ice. Enjoy!

There are 30 biobased single-serve spoons in a cylinder, enough for many luxurious self-care moments! Click here to shop.

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