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What is Spoon Moment and who is behind the brand?

Wat is Spoon Moment en wie zit er achter het merk? - Spoon Moment

Do you need a moment of rest and relaxation? Then Spoon Moment might be something for you! This new tea ritual offers a moment of self-care and health from within.

What is Spoon Moment?

Spoon Moment is all about making conscious choices for your body and mind. Our teaspoons are filled with superfoods and honey, so you can support your health in a natural and easy way. And best of all? It also tastes delicious!

Our mixes contain superfoods such as curcuma, matcha and ginger, which are known for their healthy properties. And the added honey not only provides a slightly sweet taste, but also extra nutrients and antioxidants.

More than just a healthy drink

But Spoon Moment is more than just a tasty and healthy drink. It is also a moment for yourself, a moment of rest and relaxation. By consciously enjoying your tea, you can feel your body better and listen better to the signals it gives.


And as an added bonus, Spoon Moment contributes to your daily water intake. This way you stay hydrated and nourished throughout the day. So what are you waiting for? Give yourself a Spoon Moment and feel better from the inside out.

A family business, with a passion for health

Spoon Moment was set up by the sisters Bo and Nicky Butter and their father Marcel. They were real coffee drinkers who thought it was high time for a healthier drinking pattern during the day. “33.5 million cups of coffee are drunk in the Netherlands every day.” states Nicky Butter. “Now a cup of coffee can be quite good for you, but too much coffee loses its healthy effects. We thought it was time for a switch!”.

After 8 years of success with The HoneySpoon, internationally available through the catering wholesaler, the sisters and their father went looking for the perfect ingredients for a ready-to-serve tea in the same spoon shape. The HoneySpoon has been given a new look and after months of testing and tasting, three perfect combinations with 100% Turkish pine honey have been created: Matcha, Curcuma and Ginger. The spoons are made of sugar cane and are therefore completely biobased.

To know more about our story, go to: Our story, our ritual.

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