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A fun indoor activity with your besties? Organize an autumnal high tea!

Een leuke binnen-activiteit met jouw besties? Organiseer een herfstige high tea! - Spoon Moment

A high tea sounds like a party. An abundance of tea, delicious treats, and of course, great friends to enjoy it with. Especially during autumn, it provides a perfect opportunity for a cozy indoor activity with your besties.

Let's discover together the original ideas that Spoon Moment can bring to your high tea - where health and fun go hand in hand!

The heroines of your tea party: Ginger, Matcha and Turmeric

  1. A carrot with pit! Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory powers and soothing stomach upsets. And let's not forget that extra boost in vitality!
  2. The superstar of green tea, ground into a fine powder. Packed with antioxidants and a calm, stable energy release without those nasty energy dips.
  3. The sunny spice with power! Turmeric is your friend when it comes to reducing inflammation and giving your immune system a well-deserved hug.

''3 course'' high tea line-up

  1. Open your high tea with a banger - a warming cup of ginger tea. That spicy taste and digestive benefit sets the tone for an unforgettable afternoon.
  2. Surprise your guests with a green matcha tea, as a vibrant green boost for your taste buds and energy levels.
  3. End your high tea in style with a velvety Turmeric Latte .

It's like a warm hug after an afternoon of pleasure, with added health benefits.

Delicious dishes to serve with it? Think of scones with ginger and honey (add Ginger Spoon ), cinnamon rolls with a layer of matcha glaze or delicious turmeric pancakes with whipped lime cream and blueberries.

Also check out these 3 recipes for making a Matcha Latte.

Your own Spoon Moment high tea adventure

A high tea with Spoon Moment's healthy trio of ginger, matcha and turmeric is not just any high tea. It is a taste explosion of health and pleasure. Whether it's a special occasion or just a nice get-together, with Spoon Moment your high tea becomes a party.

So bring your friends, enjoy the delicious tea and treat your taste buds with this healthy high tea. It will be an afternoon to cherish, full of tasteful memories! 🍵✨

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