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From Turkey to Japan. Discover the new Matcha Spoon and the benefits!

Van Turkije, naar Japan. Ontdek de vernieuwde Matcha Spoon en de voordelen! - Spoon Moment

Finally! The time has come... After almost a year of development, we switched from a Turkish Matcha to an organic ceremonial matcha from Uji, Japan. Because we only want to offer the best quality for our customers.

The type of matcha you drink and where it comes from plays a crucial role in the taste and quality of your matcha experience.

Which matcha do we use?

We use an A-grade Matcha, from Uji Japan. This comes from tea plantations in certified tea plantations in Uji, Wazuka-cho, Kyoto / Mie, Shiga and Nara.

Our Matcha is made from the best finely ground 'first flush' leaves.

This exclusive, high-quality Matcha tea is very rich in amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins, such as the amino acid L-theanine, L-arginine and the catechin antioxidant EGCg. The taste is grassy, ​​pure, creamy, slightly sweet, umami and not bitter.

Is the origin important?

Our ceremonial grade organic Uji Matcha is considered the crème de la crème of matcha. Uji, Japan is renowned for its ideal climate and soil conditions, resulting in top-quality matcha. By choosing Uji matcha, you are assured of a rich and refined taste experience.

The difference between an A, B and C class Matcha

A-grade matcha, such as our Uji Matcha, is made from the first bunch of leaves, known as "tencha", which are picked by hand and carefully processed into fine powder. This matcha has a balanced sweetness and bitterness and offers a refined taste experience.

B-grade matcha is often made from leaves from later harvests and can have a slightly less refined taste than A-grade matcha.

C-grade matcha is generally lower quality and can have a more bitter taste, often produced from lower quality leaves and with less careful processing.

Does it have better health benefits?

Our matcha has a beautiful green color because it contains a lot of chlorophyll. It is a shade-grown green tea in powder form. The tea leaves are steamed, dried and ground into 100% pure tea powder.

This matcha green tea powder is extremely rich in antioxidants and vitamins, such as catechins (EGCg) and vitamin C, because you consume the entire tea leaf. No other natural product contains more antioxidants than matcha, making it a true superfood!

This quality is made for drinking neat and tastes grassy, ​​creamy and slightly sweet.

How do you best enjoy our ceremonial matcha?

This matcha is made to be drunk neat, allowing you to experience the full depth of its flavor profile. Simply add a Matcha Spoon to a cup of warm water and stir until completely dissolved.

Then slowly enjoy each sip and let the soothing, invigorating properties of this matcha embrace your senses.

You can also drink this matcha with milk for a latte. Curious about the product? Read more information here!

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