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Hot tea? Better not!

Hete thee? Beter van niet! - Spoon Moment

How hot do you actually brew your tea? Do people ever ask if you have a lead pipe? 🥵

Many people don't know that using boiling hot water is actually not that good for you... We'll tell you why and give you tips for the perfect temperature!

In addition to avoiding a burnt tongue, drinking the right temperature tea can also protect your esophagus from potential risks. Although hot tea itself is not life-threatening, the World Cancer Research Fund suggests that it is wise to be very careful with hot tea, especially if you smoke or regularly drink alcohol. 👀

It may be tempting to use hot water straight from the tap, but this is certainly not the best choice. Hot water from the tap may contain metals from your pipes that dissolve in the water and are not conducive to health. 🚰

In addition, it can boil the ingredients of the spoons, making the tea bitter and losing the benefits of the spoons. Of course we don't want that! ❌

But how should you make your tea? 🫖

Well, at least not straight from the kettle... First let the water 'rest' for 10 minutes once you have boiled it. (With the lid open!) Of course, using a thermometer is best. Nowadays you also have very cool kettles with temperature control ! 😍 

The ultimate temperature for your cup of tea is between 70 and 80 degrees . This depends somewhat on the type of tea you drink. Take Matcha Spoon for example , a delicate green tea that should absolutely not be drunk hotter than 80 degrees! 🍵

These podcast sisters aren't crazy about hot tea either:

@zusenzodepodcast Fear unlocked ☕️ #cookingthee #zusenzodepodcast #doeevennormal ♬ original sound - Zusenzo

In short, the secret of a perfect cup of tea lies in the combination of the right water temperature and quality. At how many degrees will you prepare your moment from now on? Cheers to wonderful tea moments! 🤍

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