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Curcuma Tea Spoon

€29,99 €29,99

Teaspoon filled with pure turmeric extract & powder, mixed with 100% natural Turkish pine honey. Stir the spoon into a hot drink and enjoy your Spoon Moment!

Positive influence on your nerves and nervous system
• Healthy skin and flexible joints
Contains only 28 calories per spoon
Biobased spoon; made from sugar cane
One cylinder contains 30 luxurious tea moments

Give yourself the self-care you deserve with the Curcuma Tea Spoon. The latest tea trend to really grab a unique moment for yourself with this 'holy powder'. 

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Ingredients - Turmeric extract, turmeric powder, black pepper extract, pine honey. Curcuma Spoon nutritional values ​​- Calories per serving: 28, fats: 0.2g, of which saturated: 0g, carbohydrates: 6.4g, sugars: 5.8g, of which added sugars: 0g.

A golden hug for your taste buds. Spicy and peppery notes. Soothing and smooth, each sip feels like a warm blanket that lets your inner glow shine.

Curcuma Spoon is for you if:

  • You are looking for natural anti-inflammatory support: Curcuma helps reduce inflammation and supports a healthy body.
  • You want to improve your digestion: Curcuma promotes healthy digestion and relieves stomach complaints.
  • Your skin could use a boost and glow: Curcuma is known for its skin-care properties and can contribute to a radiant complexion.
  • You want to support your overall health: Curcuma is rich in antioxidants and helps strengthen your immune system.
  • You are looking for a natural way to care for yourself: Whether you choose an active day or a quiet evening, the Curcuma Spoon is your partner in health and well-being.

The Curcuma Spoon is made with 1.5 grams of Turmeric extract and powder, half a gram of black pepper powder and 6.5 grams of Turkish pine honey. The blend of extract and powder comes from India, the black pepper extract has been added for an improved absorption of the active ingredients in Turmeric. A cylinder contains 30 biobased single-serve spoons, enough for many luxurious self-care moments!

Turmeric: the superfood for a healthy body

The Turmeric plant is related to the ginger plant and mainly grows in India. In India, turmeric was already used hundreds of years ago in dishes, but also as a medicine: the active substance curcumin in turmeric was used to heal small wounds, but it also helped with other ailments. Turmeric helps keep your joints flexible. Turmeric also contributes to healthy skin and has a positive effect on your nerves and nervous system.

The holy powder

In India, Turmeric was also referred to as their 'sacred powder' among the population. Research shows that the curcumin in the Turmeric binds to toxic metals and has an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, it is a strong antioxidant that captures and neutralizes free radicals (disease-causing particles). This brings all kinds of health benefits!

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