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Limited edition - Golden Incense Sticks | Cedarwood, Sage & Lavender (20 pcs.)


Stimulate your senses with our handmade Spoon Moment Golden Incense Sticks. These 20 golden luxury incense sticks of 20 cm long are infused with nature's purest scents: a wonderful mix of cedarwood, sage and lavender.

Natural and Pure
Our incense sticks are made without the addition of chemical ingredients or charcoal, so you can enjoy the pure essence of these powerful natural elements.

🌿 Sage - Purification
Dispel negative energy.

💜 Lavender - Relaxation
Stress relief with a soothing aroma.

🌲 Cedarwood - Meditation
Deep, woody and ideal for meditative moments.

Bring a touch of luxury and serenity to your environment with Spoon Moment Golden Incense Sticks. The ideal companion for meditation, relaxation and a nice atmosphere in your home 🌟

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Bio-based material

Spoon is made of biobased material, also known as sugar cane.

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